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What is Social Washing?

What is Social Washing? Are you already familiar with greenwashing? If so, then the concept of social washing should sound somewhat familiar. It’s a strategy companies use to promote themselves as more socially responsible than they actually are for financial gain. This is done by utilizing various meaningful marketing tactics such as donating to charities […]

The Diversity and Inclusion Index: Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

Diversity and inclusion are important concepts that are gaining more attention in the workplace. Many companies are now working to create a more diverse and inclusive environment, but it can be difficult to measure how well they are doing. That is where the diversity and inclusion index comes in. This tool allows businesses to track

What is a Social Equity Audit?

A social equity audit is an evaluation of how a company’s policies and practices impact different social groups. The goal of a social equity audit is to identify any disparities and then work to correct them. The term “social justice” refers to the idea that everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate in society,

What is Natural Capital and Why is it Important?

Natural capital is the earth’s ability to provide for our needs. It is the finite resource of ecosystem services, which includes clean air and water, fertile soil, productive oceans and forests, and all of nature’s resources that contribute to human well-being. The more we take from our natural resources without giving back, the less sustainable

The Difference between Social Accounting and Social Auditing

While there are definite differences between the two, we found it a bit confusing as well, which is why we wrote this post. But to begin with, social accounting is a method of keeping track of money and other assets according to the cultural practices and values of a certain society. On the other hand,

What is a WIP?

Your father may well have referred to you as a work in progress, but in production, a WIP can also stand for a “work in process”. Either way, it is defined as the number of units that are being worked on at a given time at a given production facility. The term refers to work

What is the Canadian Index of Wellbeing?

In Canada, we believe that we are doing well with our sustainability efforts, and we are. But we still have a ways to go in securing our country for future generations. Our deep commitment to the pursuit of social and environmental well-being begins with the Constitution Act of 1867 which guarantees all Canadians “the peace,

Understanding Equity and Its Benefits

As a business leader, you need to know that disparity in pay and opportunity for advancement between employees can create a sense of inequity. When such inequities exist, companies miss out on the benefits that diversity and inclusion efforts help to provide-such as increased engagement, more ideas and ultimately better performance. The first step toward

Why Inclusivity isn’t just Important, it’s Crucial!

Inclusivity is not just important, it’s crucial. The benefits of including everyone are many: inclusive workplaces are more productive, employees are happier and less stressed, there is less turnover, and they make for a better place to work. Without inclusivity, your workplace will be missing out on all the incredible ideas that could come from

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