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Suggested ESG Default Insurance as Solution

ESG default insurance is a solution that forces a company to focus on specific stakeholders, helps the earnest ESG companies to separate from companies paying lip service, and gives socially active investors skin in the game by making it financially lucrative to sue a company if it reneges on its ESG promises, and empowers the insurance company to serve as an effective ESG assurance service.

A company could purchase ESG default insurance from a counterparty such as an insurance company or an investment bank or even an ESG rating agency by paying a premium. The coverage provides protection to investors against losses suffered on account of unkept ESG promises. Assume that socially active investors believe that a company has reneged on its ESG promises or has indulged in greenwashing or social washing. The insurance company settles with these investors in this event of ESG default. The act of a ESG default may also involve a lawsuit filed by socially active investors or an NGO. No market observer should assume that a company that sets ESG is going to meet those goals in total. In fact, many of my papers document that companies are failing to live up to their promises. The very disclosure of the fact that the company bought insurance and the dollar amount of coverage sought helps the serious ESG companies credibly separate from the companies less serious about keeping their ESG promises. The insurance company is obviously interested in minimizing payouts in such an arrangement. Hence, the insurance company appoints and pays for an independent auditor who certifies the accuracy of the ESG statements made by the company every year. Forbes Magazine is a popular business magazine that publishes stories on topics pertaining to finance, investments, entrepreneurship, etc. It was created by B.C Forbes, a Scottish immigrant in the United States who wanted to create a magazine that was meant for everyday people. The magazine has been published since 1917 and is one of the top 100 magazines in circulation today, reaching over 10 million readers every month

In summary, the article states that ESG default insurance will separate serious ESG companies from the rest which are only claiming to be green for their own advantage. The insurer will also act as an independent auditor, eliminating any conflict of interest that might be present if a company hires its own auditor or a third-party company that may have other motives besides helping a potential “default” resolve itself.

ESG default insurance would help protect both investors and ESG companies as well as give them the ability to recover the lost investment if a company fails at its promises.

In conclusion, the structure of the article supports its thesis which is that “ESG default insurance makes it easier for socially responsible investors to sue a company for reneging on its ESG promises.” The author uses supporting evidence from multiple sources to prove this thesis and the article provides a conclusion to summarize the thesis. It is supported by scholarly resources listed in the section below titled, “Further Reading”.

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ESG: The New Way of Doing Business in Jersey City, NJ

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