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Carbon Offsets

What are Business Carbon Offsets?

In today’s world, businesses have the opportunity to offset their CO2 emissions through a process known as carbon offsets. A carbon offset is essentially when a company compensates for its emission of greenhouse gases by investing in projects that reduce or remove equal amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon offsets can provide businesses with […]

What are Carbon Registry Systems?

The world is on the brink of a global climate crisis, yet there’s little evidence that some people are taking notice. However, investors and stakeholders are taking notice. The solutions to climate change are massive and will require trillions of dollars of investment. In order to incentivize companies to reduce their emissions, investors need a

What is the CDM and Why Should I Care?

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of the Kyoto Protocol’s flexible mechanisms, which allow industrialized countries to meet their emission reduction obligations by investing in clean energy projects in developing countries. The CDM is designed to promote sustainable development and help countries achieve their economic, social, and environmental goals. But what does that mean

What is Really Meant by Carbon Offsets?

Sometimes when we talk about sustainability in the business world, we lose some people in the conversation. What does “going green” mean for my company? What can I do to make my operations more environmentally friendly? And while there are a lot of answers to those questions, carbon offsets are one of the most misunderstood concepts

What are Carbon Credits and why should you Care?

If you’re a business leader or investor, you’ve probably heard of carbon credits by now. But what are they and why should you care? In essence, carbon credits are a way to monetize CO2 emissions reductions. That may sound like a complex concept, but it’s really not. By buying carbon credits, companies and individuals can

What is Carbon Trading?

Carbon trading is a program to reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This can be accomplished by either reducing or preventing emissions or by removing excessive quantities from the air. Carbon trading programs provide financial incentives for businesses and individuals to reduce their emissions. The goal of these

Why Carbon Offsets Won’t Work

With the exponential awareness of our collective doom as a result of CO2 emissions, there has been a bit of a bonanza in the rush to reduce our carbon footprints. And like many things, there are good and bad things that occur in the process. The good thing is that a vast majority of people

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