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The Checklist was just the Start!

But, You Can't Move Forward Without a Baseline Score!

Are you struggling to correlate data from spreadsheets, invoices, emails, surveys, websites and condense it into a professional and informative Sustainability Report? Until now, small and medium-sized enterprises have been excluded from the advantages of automated Sustainability Reporting tools because existing software was solely designed for larger companies with larger budgets.

Set Meaningful Goals in an Hour or Less

This has caused small and medium-sized businesses be left scrambling to find a solution which fits their needs. The have been left with time-sensitive deadlines and limited resources to deliver reports to internal and external stakeholders while solving data challenges along the way. But now there is a solution that was built by an SME specifically designed for SMEs. And we want you to try it.

This scorecard will help you:

  • Easily organize and measure your efforts thus far
  • Set a baseline score on which to set meaningful goals
  • Use machine learning to help streamline and simplify the process
  • Manage the data you need to measure progress towards goals
  • Evaluate the current state of your organization’s sustainability initiatives
  • Outline opportunities for improvement and paths forward

Key Features + Benefits


1. A comprehensive sustainability scorecard specifically designed for SME’s and tailored to your unique goals and objectives

2. Detailed data analysis of the current state of your organization’s sustainability initiatives, providing a solid Baseline on which to build

3. Easy-to-understand actionable recommendations for improvement based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


1. A clear roadmap for your organization’s sustainability journey that helps you set meaningful goals and measure progress.

2. Access to detailed data analysis about the current state of your organization’s sustainability initiatives that allows you to pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

3. Improved organizational efficiency through proactive, goal-oriented planning and actionable recommendations for success.

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